Which Removable Wall Mat Should I Buy?

Posted on December 06, 2019 by Customer Service


home basketball pads for under the hoop blue

There are a wide variety of wall mat styles, sizes, and quality available on the market today. AK Athletics manufactures four different styles of removable safety wall pads to accommodate our customers' needs on an individual basis to best suit their specific sport and facility. Here is a basic outline of the different styles for removable safety wall panels.


Custom Wood Back Gymnasium Wall Pads

 Wood back wall padding is the standard style of wall pads commonly found in basketball gyms, martial arts academies, and wrestling rooms. Traditionally these pads have a 1” lip at the top and bottom to nail into the wall for a semi-permanent attachment.   Alternately, installing the pads with Z-clips allows the panel to hang on the wall like a mirror. Remove the safety pads off the wall by lifting or siding each panel individually using the z-clip bracket. Installing the z-clip by screwing them into the wall, click here for step-by-step instructions.

High School Basketball Wall Padding Navy Blue


Easy Stick Wall Pads 

The easy stick wall panels are best for smaller lengths of wall space and are often used when purchasing up to 10 wall pads. Preschools, homes, and small jiu-Jitsu studios commonly purchase the easy stick safety wall panels. Each easy stick panel comes ready to hang with a hook and loop strip on the top and bottom of every pad. The adhesive applies best to a flat, smooth, clean surface. Use this link for further installation details

Preschool Day Care Protective Wall Pad


Removable Folding Wall Mat 

 The removable folding wall mats are essentially two products in one and is extremely popular in residential and gymnastic applications. Remove the pad from the wall and layout on the floor for a stretch mat or tumbling mat. The removable folding wall pad is a large foldable pad that can be hung on the wall using hook and loop strips that are reinforced with included aluminum strips. Click here for an easy installation guide.

Hockey Playroom Protective Safety Wall Pads


Easy Stick Roll-Up Wall Mats 

Easy Stick Roll-Up mats are manufactured with high shock absorbent closed-cell foam. Mixed martial arts studios are a great fit for these wall mats, as they will perfectly match our roll up mat floor system.  The install is just as simple as our Easy Stick Wall Mats. Use the link to see how to install the safety wall mats.

Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu Wall Mats Grey


All of our products can be customized to your team's colors and logo. Email your mascot, logo, or name for a free mock-up design. If you are in the market for personalized wall pads, contact AK Athletics. Work one-on-one with a member of our sales team to ensure you get the premier padding at a wholesale price. To learn more, give us a call at 800-431-4372 or email us, sales@akathletics.com.