How to Install Z-Clips to Hang Wall Safety Pads

Posted on August 13, 2019 by Customer Service

Z-clips allows the pad to be hung onto the wall. It is another sturdy option AK Athletics offers to install safety wall padding. Often customers will use z-clips to conceal the hardware and temporarily put them into storage during the offseason. z-clips are also for hanging picture frames, acoustical panels, and wall pads

Step 1. Familiarize yourself with z-clips

Each wall z-clip will have an identical mate to attach to the pad. When fastening the clip, it is essential to have the clip facing in the correct direction to provide maximum support. In the diagram below, you will see the bold black z-clip one pointing up on the wall, and the clip on the pad pointing down to hang is the corresponding z-clip. The curved end on the z-clip is the first indicator when establishing the direction. Also, the curved ends assist in attaching and removing panels. When the clips glide into one another, it should overlap one inch.

Z-Clip on Wall Safety Pads


On the walls needing protective padding, create your baseline representing the bottom of wall safety padding. To meet NCAA basketball regulations, have the baseline be 4” above the ground. We found it best to use a chalk line to snap a horizontal line that runs parallel to the ground. Use a level to determine if your chalk line is accurate; avoid any up or downsloping.

With the same method for the baseline, create an additional line representing the height of wall padding.

Basketball Court Wall Padding


Within the two chalk lines hang two z-clips onto the wall, a section towards the top and the other near the bottom. 

Starting at the baseline measure on up to bottom of each z-clip.

Info Graphic: z-clip on wall to install wall pads

STEP 3. Install Z-Clip

To attach the z-clip to the wall safety panel, lay the pad flat backside facing up.

With a permanent marker indicate the location for the top of the z clip by measuring from the bottom of the safety wall panel up to the base of the wall z-clip and add 2 ¾”. With ⅜” screws, attach the clip into the pad. Repeat the previous step for the bottom set of z-clips attachment. Hang the wall pad onto the clips previously screwed into the wall. Mounting hardware should be concealed behind the wall pads.

Info Graphic- hang z-clip onto wall