How to Install Easy Stick Roll-Up Mats

Posted on July 17, 2019 by Customer Service

Easy Stick Wall Mats are an ideal product for grappling areas. The mat is a hybrid between AK Athletics Roll-Ups and Easy Stick pads; made with the same foam and vinyl as our grappling floor mats and the fastening strips from our wall padding. On the back of the mat, there is factory attached 12' fastening strips along the top and bottom, and the customer receives adhesive fastening for wall attachment. AK Athletics adhesive fastening strip applies best to a flat, smooth, clean wall.

** The included adhesive fastening strips are not compatible with textured surfaces including but not limited to concrete, brick, and textured paint. Nor will they support adhesive to an unclean surface. If you are unsure if these pads will stick to your surface our recommendation is to purchase one single pad to test your compatibility. Aluminum attachment strips area available for additional purchase in the event the standard adhesive strips are not compatible with your walls. We are not liable if the pads do not adhere to your wall type and this will not qualify you for a refund or return of these items. 

Easy Stick Roll-Ups

What you need:

Clean wall
Wall level

Step One

Determine how high you want the safety wall mat to be hung; known as the baseline. Typically customers will have there mat touching the grappling mat or floor. Using a pencil and level create a 12' baseline.

How to Install Easy Stick Roll-Ups: Baseline

Step Two

Peel off the plastic on the hard fastening strip, carefully attach the top of the strip onto the baseline. It is essential for the fastening fabric strip to have a smooth, full connection onto the wall. Wait 24 hours.

How to Installing Easy Stick Roll-Ups: Velcro

Step Three

Carefully attach the wall mat strip to the wall fastening strip. Firmly press the mat to reinforce the connection. Slowly roll out the mat and repeat step 3.

How to  Install easy Stick Roll-Ups: Mat Roll