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How to Install Easy Stick Wall Pads

Posted on March 08, 2019 by Customer Service

Easy Stick wall pads are great to pad an area that you can not drill into such as mirrors, windows, and tile. Every Easy Stick Wall Padding order is made from scratch on site in Columbus, Ohio. The Easy Stick Wall Pads are constructed with 2” thick polyurethane foam, encased in 14 oz vinyl.

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Installing the wall safety pads is as easy as it sounds; easy stick. Velcro is sewn on the back of each safety pad, and corresponds to the provided adhesive velcro to stick onto the wall. The velcro adheres best to flat, smooth, clean surfaces and is designed to support 1-5 wall pads. Adding more than five easy stick panels in a row? Ask us about using aluminum support strips for your velcro; 800-431-4372

Measure and Cut Velcro

Prep the Environment

Create a working space to have all the materials within hands reach.

Wet towel


Using the wet towel, clean the wall you want the wall panel to hang. Cut the roll of hard velcro into 2’ sections and attach the hard velcro to the soft velcro located on the back of the panel.

How to install Easy Stick wall pads

Step 1:  Create a guideline on the wall

The installation process is simple if you can indicate on the wall how high the safety pads will be hanging. Using the pencil and level, create an even straight line that is parallel to the floor.

AK Athletics Easy Stick Wall Pads

Step 2: Attach the velcro wall pad

One panel at a time, peel off the plastic from the hard velcro and apply with firm pressure on the horizontal guideline you created from step #1.


If you prefer not to use the adhesive backing on the velcro, you can staple the hard velcro to the wall.


Step 3: Wait 24 hours to remove

With force, you can break the velcro connection and remove safety padding from the wall. Do not take off the adhered hard velcro that is the wall. To purchase additional adhesive velcro, please contact our sales department.

If you have any questions before your installation a member of our customer service department will be happy to help you. Click here to send an email.


Sending in photos of your finish project is highly encouraged and appreciated.

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