Advanced Level mats - 1 3/8" thick cross linked polyethylene foam

The polyethylene foam in our gymnastics mats is phthalate and lead-free and has rubber-like texture which makes an ultra shock absorbent and firm surface that is perfect for advanced gymnasts or anyone who is using this mat for high impact activities such as martial arts or plyometrics. The firmness of the polyethylene foam in our gymnastics mats  provides excellent support for wrists and ankles and is the ideal gym mat option for activities including martial arts, yoga, Pilates, cheer leading, tumbling, and plyometrics.

Intermediate Level Mats - 2" polyurethane foam

The polyurethane foam used in our gymnastics mats for sale is also phthalate and lead-free and has a "sponge-like" density which makes an ultra plush and cushion-y surface that is perfect for beginner gymnast or anyone who is using this mat for low impact activities like stretching or playing. Children love the soft squishy texture of the polyethylene foam in our gymnastics mats and have the added benefit of bright colors.


Help to find a cure and save children.  

5% of all sales in pink and purple folding mats will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital  


When purchasing folding mats or gymnastics mats this holiday season please do your research and be extremely cautious when buying a mat on Ebay or Amazon!  Not all mats are created equal and many of our competitors mats are imported from China.  The foam used in most imported mats consist of "high density EPE foam" which is far less safe or shock absorbent when compared to our U.S. manufactured polyethylene and polyurethane foams.  EPE foam is NOT long lasting and is widely used to pack electronics. 

The cloth handles typically found on imported mats may seem like a convenient idea for transportation, however if these mats are used for serious gymnastics, martial arts, or cheerleading purposes the handles pose a major injury risk as they are large enough to get wrapped around wrists or ankles of the user.

To see a quality comparison we ordered a mat that was sent directly from the manufacturer in China.  The "4' x 8' x 2" folding gym mat" that we received was made out of a "PU leather cover" which was slightly stretchy, easily punctured with a ball point pen, and had a very distinct foul odor.  

The American made 18 oz and 14 oz vinyl we use is hand picked for its vibrant color, durability, and safety.  For further information I called the supplier of our competitor and asked how heavy or what kind of vinyl was used for their "PU leather cover."  Neither the sales rep or "specialist" knew what kind of vinyl the mat was made from or if it met CPSIA certifications for safety.  

Although AK Athletic gymnastics folding mats may be more expensive than numerous imported alternatives, the quality is overwhelmingly higher.  Each one of our mats is sewn in our factory using high quality American-made raw materials and are longer lasting, safer, and have a reputable background.