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Posted on March 07, 2019 by Customer Service

Martial Arts room


AK Athletic Equipment is a unique woman-owned company. We pride ourselves in cutting out many extra costs, leaving our customers with high quality products at a wholesale price. When purchasing wall safety pads for your room, every dollar counts. The most efficient way to save when padding your facility is to eliminate the middleman (dealer/installer).

AK Athletics Wall Pads

When working with AK Athletics, you are guaranteed top notch products with superior customer service. In our factory, we hand tailor every detail that goes into each product. After cutting down the wood and rolls of vinyl, our staff handcraft each pad and customize packaging for individual orders.

AK Athletics Rolls of Vinyl

Padding a whole room seamlessly starts with taking measurements. Once you provide us with the dimensions of your space via email or phone, a member of our sales team will work with you to create a perfect fit. Click here for further information on measuring your room.

Measuring Guide for Wall Pads

Once the order is fabricated, you will receive an email containing a drawing of your room, indicating the location of each panel. If you need further information about the actual installation of each gym wall safety pad panel click here to see how to install Custom Wood Back Wall Pads.


North wall has a door with an additional 43” long wall containing, 2 wall pads that are 20 ¼” wide
East Wall is 110” long containing 3 wall pads that are 24” wide and 2 wall pads measuring 17 ¾” wide.

Wall Pad Layout Drawing

If you prefer to work with an installer, call 800-431-4372 to speak to one of our sales representatives.


Check out what your could do with your martial arts gym when working with AK Athletics! 

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