DIY Measuring Guide

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You do not need a professional/installer to pad your facility. Installing wall pads is so easy you can Do It Yourself. Calculating a perfect fit can be tricky but we are here to help. Send us in the dimensions of your room and we will create a custom fit to your room free of charge.

To get started you will need

A friend with a measuring tape
When you walk into your room take a look around and make a note of special objects that you will need to pad or need access to. We have the ability to make customize the size, material, and how to attach the pads.


Special objects include but are not limited to:

Outlets / light switches

Brid’s Eye View

Start by drawing a general overview of your room.

Bird's Eye View



A: Outlets and light switches
B: Window
C: Column
D:  I-Beam
E: Trapper beams
F: Doors

When taking measurements, think about where you are hanging the pad. You may need to install the wall pads above a floor mat or baseboard. To indicate where each obstacle is located at on the wall, always face the wall head on and start from the left. The bottom of the pad is called the “baseline," measure from the baseline on upward. In the diagrams, the letters represent the measurements needed for cutout.

North Wall: Outlets/light switch and window

 To create outlet and light switch cutouts on site during installation click here to see our 4” x 6” wall pad insert.

How to measure cutouts for wall pads

East Wall


South Wall

How to measure i-beams

West Wall

How to measure doors

Replacing Existing Wall Pads

If your gym is ready for an update, it is crucial to give the wall measurements and not the existing pad measurements. The outside of the pad is larger than the wall due to the thickness of the foam. In the photo right is an example of an i-beam. The beam is 8 inches wide and the pad is 2” thick. The outside measurements of the pad is 12 inches (2 inches for the left side and 2” inches for the right side.)


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