Measure + Install Incline Mats

Posted on April 10, 2019 by Customer Service

Folding cheese mat

Incline mats also referred to as "cheese" or "wedge mats," are known to be in gymnastic gyms and academies, for a good reason. These mats are used for all ages, and are great for home practice. 

pretty cheese wedge mat

AK Athletics high quality incline mats come in a wide variety of sizing, colors, and chevron patterns. Folding wedge mats is one of our most popular inclines for the ability to fold into a block and great for storage. 

Incline wedge mats is a perfect gift for beginner gymnasts, check out our discount package when you buy a folding mat and incline together. The size of the cheese wedge mat you are looking for is based on the activities performed and the age of the athlete. Standard size incline mats are available on our website, click here








Incline size:
60” x 84” x 18”
29” x 72” x 14”
60” x 120” x 24”
24” x 36” x 12”
48" x 72" x 16"

Here is a fundamental list of common rolls and backbends used on incline mats


Gymnastics Forward roll - To teach kids how to do a somersault properly, is a great start to develop skill level. Start at the top of the mat and roll down to the bottom. The downward slope and soft padding will give kids the confidence to push with their legs.
Gymnastics Dive roll - Using the same technique as the forward roll but the kids jump into the roll. Start by having the young athlete's feet on the ground at the top of the cheese wedge mat.
Gymnastics Backroll -To perform the back roll, begin by having the young athlete sit on top of the cheese wedge mat facing away. The athlete will lean back and roll into the back roll.
Gymnastics Back extension roll - Instead of sitting on the incline mat, stand in front and sit back into the roll.

Gymnastics Handstand forward roll - Using the hands on the edge of the mat, kick up into a handstand, tuck, and roll down the softly padded slop.



Bridge - If an athlete is unable to hold a bridge on the ground, have the hands at the lower end of the cheese wedge mat and feet up at the top.
Backbend - Standing at the bottom edge of the incline, facing away from the mat, and begin your backbend.  Using a cheese wedge mat is excellent practice for an athlete who struggles with bending on their own and coming back up to the starting position.
Walkover- Begin with a forward handstand and kick one leg over at a time.
Back handsprings - Performing a backhanding is more difficult and applies stress on the wrist. Larger incline mats are best for back handsprings unless you have a notably smaller gymnast.