Pole Pad Measuring Guide

Posted on April 10, 2019 by Customer Service


There is no standard sizing for poles, columns, and i-beams. For a tight fit, it is essential to obtain the measurement of each pole. If your style of columns is not listed below please email photos with measurements to sales@akathletics.com

custom i beam pad


Round Pole



To find the diameter divide the circumference by 3.14

Use a soft measuring tape to find the circumference of your pole  

If the diameter is in between two whole numbers, round up for the best fit




Square Pole



Measure each of the four sides independently; A, B, C, & D

Contact a member of our sales team if your column is a rectangle versus a square. Column pads can be tailored to fit your need.













Standard I-beams pads protect the face of the beam

If you want a three sided pad for your beam measure A, B & C

Check out the column pads for protective padding on all four sides

Tapered I-Beams

Measure the bottom base; A, B & C

Based on the height of your pad, measure from the ground to the designated height; 6’

Measure all three sides of the i-beam at the height mark