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Measure + Install Roll-Up Floor Mats

Posted on April 10, 2019 by Customer Service

Measuring and installing lightweight wrestling mats is a breeze and can be completed within one day. Roll-Up mats are easily customizable by size, color, cut outs, and digitally printed logos. For the past 25 years, AK Athletics has been developing trade secrets to fit our customers' needs.

We know how to work around and pad:

Columns & poles
Air Vents


AK Athletics custom mat layout

Contact a member of our sales team to customize padding for you, sales@akathletics.com.


The lightweight roll-up wrestling mats are easy to layout, transport, and put in storage.

Here is a chart containing the measurements and weights once your mat is tightly rolled up.

Mat Size


Roll Up Size


8’ x 8’ x 1 ⅜”


49” x 16” x 16”

16 lbs

10’ x 10’ x 1 ⅜”


61” x 16”x 16”

18 lbs

12’ x 12’ x 1 ⅜”


45” x 19” x 19”

18 lbs

20’ x 20’ x 1 ⅜”


63” x 23” x 23”

40 lbs

38’ x 38’ x 1 ⅜”


73” x 30” x 30”

86 lbs

42’ x 42’ x 1 ⅜”


73” x 34” x 34”

126 lbs

NCAA competition mats require a space of 5’ from the edge of the circle to the edge of the mat. Starting size for high school competition wrestling mats is 38’ x 38’ with a 28’ diameter circle. Collegiate wrestling mats range from  42’ x 42’ (32’ diameter circle) to 52’ x 52’ (42’ diameter circle).


An easy and effective way to incorporate your brand and school is by the color of wrestling mats. The type of traffic on your mat may help you narrow down your color options. Black can show footprints from your everyday footwear. Many of our customer wrestling training rooms circles colors on the floor mat is the same as the wall pads.

Wrestling room

Digital printing can quickly add team spirit to roll-up wrestling mats and wall pads. AK Athletics printing uses eco-friendly UV cured inks for durability and long lasting vibrant color that is resilient to fading and scratching.  


Unlike our competitors, AK Athletics roll-up mats do not require a curing step and are immediately ready for grappling. A roll of clear mat tape comes with each order of wrestling or martial arts mats. The edges may slightly roll up but, over time it will flatten.

Our sales department is highly knowledgeable in wrestling mats and is happy to email you an estimate.

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