Install Pole Pads within Seconds

Posted on May 20, 2019 by Customer Service


There is no standard sizing for poles, columns, and i-beams. For a tight fit, it is essential to obtain the measurement of each pole. If your style of columns is not listed below, please email photos with measurements to

custom i beam pad


Round Pole

Round Pole

    1. Peel back the fabric flap to break the hook and loop connection

    2. Place the pad around the pole

    3. Connect together the hook and loop. If wrinkles develop in padding, try reconnecting the fabric flap. The flap could be pulled too tightly.









Square Pole

Square Column


Wrap the column with the pad. Secure the pad with hook and loop flap. If the flap is pulled too tightly or the fastening connection is not smooth, wrinkles will develop in the vinyl covering.

Optional: The adhesive fabric strip provides extra support for the pad to be lifted off the ground.

Loosely wrap the pad around the column. Peel back the white plastic to expose the adhesive fabric strip. Adhere the fastening strip to the top and bottom of the column by pressing firmly. Secure the pad with the fabric flap running vertically. Wait 24 hours before removing the pad.




If the column pad is too large, the pad could be inside out.

Example: If the pole is 4" x 4" x 4" x 4".

The inside of the pad should be the same size as the pole, and the outside of the pad should be 8" x 8". The black adhesive strips at the top and bottom should be touching the pole.

Column Pad



pad the face of an i-beam



Wrap the pad around the face of the i-beam.

Optional: The pad can be lifted off the ground using the adhesive fabric inside the pad.

Peel back the white plastic to expose the adhesive strip and firmly press to the beam.

Wait 24 hours before removing the pad.