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Measure + Install Folding Mats

Posted on April 10, 2019 by Customer Service

For over 25 years, AK Athletics has been one of the top manufacturers for folding mats in the U.S.A. We leave our everyday customer blown away by the high quality and customer service. AK Athletics can provide you with wall to wall floor padding that is extremely easy to fold up and store. The fabric fastening flaps have a snug, secure fit that remains fixed while training. Contact one of our sales representatives with your room dimensions for a free estimate.

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 Pink Folding Mat

The intermediate and advance style gymnastic mats have a fabric fastening strip on the ends to connect additional mats to extend the run for tumbling and practice.


ju-jitsu class folding floor mats


Impact Safe mats have fabric fastening strip on all sides to expand mat coverage by width and length. The high-absorbency foam makes Impact Safe Folding Mats appropriate for defensive and tactical training techniques, and takedowns.