How to Install AK Athletics Cut Out Insert

Posted on July 29, 2019 by Customer Service

Cut Out Inserts are ideal when installing Wood Back Wall Pads on site. The 4 inches wide by 6 inches tall insert is designed for the standard single outlets and light switches. We do not recommend the insert cutouts for Easy Stick Wall Safety Pads

Home Basketball Playroom Safety Pads with DIY Cutout Insert

You will need a speed square, marker, jigsaw, sharp knife, and a staple gun.

1. Using a speed square and permanent marker, location on the wood backside of the pad where the cut will be made.

2. With the jigsaw, cut wood backing around the perimeter of the future cutout 4” x 6”.

3. Cut the foam with the sharp knife. Do not cut the vinyl and remove the cut foam.

4. Use the sharp knife to cut the vinyl in an “X”. Fold the 4 flaps of cut vinyl to the wood on the back of the pad. Staple the folded vinyl to the wood.

5. Squeeze the sides of the insert and push it in the rectangular hole. When the insert is put in places, secure the insert by stapling it to the wood.

DIY School safety wall padding insert guide