AK Top Picks for Competition Mat Accessories

Posted on September 25, 2019 by Customer Service

Take care of a wrestling mat is essential for schools, academies, and clubs. There is a wide variety of style of tape, cleaners, and mops and it can quickly be overwhelming when decided which works best for you. AK Athletics has carefully handpicked competition mat accessories that are ideal for our lightweight wrestling mats. 


Wrestling Mat Cleaner Kit


Wrestling Mat Cleaner


Pure & Clean Mat Cleaner 

Using the right cleaner is crucial for wrestling mats, the Pure & Clean mat cleaner is the best option available on the market.  Keep your mat clean without harming athletes or the grappling mat. Order a single cleaner or in a larger team bulk. Pure & Clean Mat Cleaner kills up to 99.83% of the Human Coronavirus in 15 seconds.


Clear Mat Tape

Meister Premium Clear Mat Tape for Wrestling

The transparent clear mat tape allows the wrestling boundary circles to be visible for competition wrestling tournaments. The high quality 4" wide tape is designed to keep AK Athletics lightweight, closed-cell grappling mats together and can be adjusted & reapplied. Click here to purchase in a bulk.

Mat Cleaner Suspender

Large competition wrestling mats cleaner

CONIE Pump Pressure Water Sprayers

Lawn and Garden sprayer is the best for a wrestling mat cleaner suspender. The adjustable shoulder strap allows to walk the full 42' x 42' competition wrestling mat and onto the next competition mat. Just set the nozzle to mist it and lock for a continuous spray. Click here to make your next grappling tournament an easy clean. 

Wrestling Mat Cleaning Mop and Dust Pad

Kendal Commercial Maxi Dust Mop Kit (44 Inch)

After Spraying down your mat with a nonabrasive cleaner, wipe down the wrestling mat with an easy to use, large 48" microfiber mop. This mop includes a cleaning pad and dusting pads with a velcro attachment. To purchase online, click here.