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Custom Wood Backed Gym Wall Padding Panels 2' x 4'


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This is a standard gym wood backed wall pad - 2" thick foam, 2' wide x 4' tall.

AK Athletics has been making gym wall padding for schools, colleges, homes, and hospitals, for more than 25 years.  We provide gymnasium wood backed wall panels mats that are easily attached to provide injury prevention from wall collisions. 

Each pad is manufactured with Class A fire rated 14 oz vinyl, 7/16 backer board and a 2" thick layer of shock absorbent Polyurethane foam. 1" nailer lips at the top and bottom of the pad allow for easy installation or "Z Clips" can be used for installation for an additional charge.

Every gym wall pad made by AK Athletics can be tailored to your size and color needs, if your exact height or width is not available on our website please contact us for a complimentary quote. 

Does your space have outlets or light switches? We can provide a quote for in-factory fabrication or we have a DIY option with moulded outlet inserts for 4" x 6" openings. 

Architectural specifications, shop drawings and neoprene foam options are available if needed. Two sided corner pads and three side column pads can also be manufactured to the customers specification.

We regularly supply high quality wall padding for time out rooms and sensory rooms. If you are interested in how to start the process we would love to hear from you!    

 This item will be delivered in 6-10 business days from date of purchase

*This item is not eligible for returns.

Request a Quote. 

If your wall has outlets, light switches, or other obstacles we have cut-out inserts to insure you have a professionally finished padded wall. Please call or email for details

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