AK Athletics Wood Backed Wall Padding for Time Out Rooms and Sensory Rooms

Posted on July 05, 2018 by Customer Service

My school or health care facility would like to pad a quiet room, where do we start?

AK Athletics has been padding walls for decades, and has helped schools and parents to create safe environments for both sensory rooms and quiet rooms.  Although the task may seem daunting, making the necessary preparations for padding an entire space does not require more than taking accurate measurements.  Below is a layout of a seclusion room that we received from a client:

A “bird's eye view” drawing is beneficial so that our team can see where the walls meet, and make appropriately sized panels to fit the space exactly. Most often, schools choose to use 6’ tall wood backed wall padding, but we can produce panels in heights up to 8 feet.  

AK Athletics Time Out Room Layout

Additional drawings for the door or electrical outlet locations may be required so that we can make “cut-outs” for light switches or handles on doors.

Top quality floor padding is essential in creating seclusion rooms.  Typically we use our roll-out style padding that is traditionally used for wrestling, as it is firm enough to be walked on and is shock absorbent to prevent injury.

AK Athletics Wall Padding in a School Sensory Room

Vinyl used to manufacture both the floor padding and wall padding is "Class A" lead and phthalate free, antimicrobial, antifungal, mildew resistant, and is CPSIA certified to be used in schools, residences, and businesses.

Below is an example of a fully padded time out room using our royal blue 6’ tall wood backed wall padding and our blue roll-out mats to cover the floor.

AK Athletics Wall Padding Used For Fully Padded Time Out Room

AK Athletics also has a high level of experience in working with families looking for affordable safety options at home for children or family members with disabilities that could benefit from cushioned walls, floors, or both.  We have no problem making items to cover outside corners, columns, or beams that pose risks to individuals indoors or outdoors.