FlameSafe "Class A" fire rated Wood Backed Gym Wall Padding Panels 2' x 6'


Type: Wall Padding

Vendor: AK Athletic Equipment

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AK Athletics Class A fire retardant wall pads are the highest quality pads available on the market. We carefully selected the right material to manufacture each component of the safety panel. Class A FR safety panels are most common in schools, quiet rooms, therapy offices, and children daycares. Contact our customer service for additional fire testing documents.

  • 7/16” Fire rated wood backing
  • 1” Top and bottom nailing lip
  • 18 oz poly tarpaulin vinyl, fire rated, free of lead and phthalate
  • 2" of shock absorbent neoprene foam

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AK ATHLETICS FlameSafe Class A Wall Pad


**This item is estimated to leave our facility in 2-3 weeks from date of purchase**

**This item is made to order and is not eligible for returns **

**This item can not be cancelled after 24 hours from date of purchase**

Each component of our FlameSafe wall pad is hand picked to meet the highest level of fire retardancy and durability for years of fire-resistance and shock absorbency.

The wood: We use wood that is tested not only for strength in circumstances of prolonged high temperatures but also in high moisture environments.

What makes it special for fire resistance? When our wood backing is exposed to open flames a coating of char forms, which prevents combustion and further fire damage.  The wood in every FlameSafe wall pad meets and passes ASTM E-84 for Class A fire-rated building material.


The vinyl: AK Athletics uses a specially formulated 18 oz poly tarpaulin vinyl that is lead free, phthalate free, fire rated and is anti-mildew.
We tested multiple varieties and brands of vinyl before settling on one that had the tear strength and fire resistance we know are necessary for this product.  

The Glue: Our glue that binds foam to the wood backing is a non solvent,  one part water based adhesive that is GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

The Foam: Delivering a foam that has both a high level of impact safety and fire resistance lead us to a soft, shock absorbent, neoprene foam that meets ASTM E-84 Class A and NFPA 286 while still offering the shock absorbency to meet ASTM F2440.

Easy installation: Just like our standard 6' tall wood backed wall pad, a 1" nailing margin on the top and bottom of each wall padding provides ample space for screws and washers to be used for attachment. 

Click Here for an installation guide for further information on hanging our wall safety pads. 


AK Athletics class A fire retardant safety wall pads are quality and meet pass tests NFPA 286Standard Methods of Fire Tests for EvaluatingASTM E84Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials, and ASTM F2440: Standard Specification for Indoor Wall/Feature Padding.

Class A Fire Rated Score Range

FlameSafe Custom Wood Back Wall Pads



HIC (Head Injury Criterion)


Flame Spread


Smoke Development 



Electrical outlets, poles, columns, corners, doors and windows and light switches are all obstacles that we can help with. Padding can be fabricated with cutouts made in our factory or if a DIY approach is an option we have inserts to make the process quick and functional.

 Two side corner wall safety pads and three side column pads are manufactured to the customers specification.

We Accept School Purchase Orders, Sales@akathletics.com or FAX: 614-920-3233

Request a Quote.

If your wall has outlets, light switches, or other obstacles we have cut-out inserts to insure you have a professionally finished padded wall. Please call or email for details


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