Easy Stick Corner Pads 6' Tall, 6" Sides


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Outside corners can easily be the most dangerous spot in the room and should not be ignored. Each corner pad is constructed as one piece with a 90 degree angle. Industrial-strength adhesive hook and loop applies best to flat smooth, clean surfaces. Please call in if you have a 45 degree angle or need a custom corner to fit your need.

  • Free shipping
  • no hardware required for installation.
  • Class A fire rated 14 oz vinyl
  • 2" shock absorbent combo foam of 5/8" polyurethane layered with 1 3/8" polyethylene foam

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Easy Stick corner pads offer excellent protection for exposed corners.
The pad is 6' tall by 6" in each direction and filled with 2" of absorbent polyurethane foam.
Self-adhesive hook and loop strips are provided for adhesion to wall.


This item is estimated to leave our facilities 8-13 business days from date of purchase

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