4' Tall Pole Pad, 5" Diameter


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Providing additional safety for students, children, and facilities is essential for dangerously installed poles. Our high impact foam and fire rated material is functional for widely diverse industries. We sell to schools, government, martial arts academies, car dealerships, residential homes, and athletic gyms.

  • Free shipping
  • Reusable closure
  • Class A fire rated 14 ounce vinyl
  • 2" of shock absorbent polyurethane foam

Can’t find your size? Email us for custom padding to fit your needs.

All of our pole pads are constructed of 2" thick shock absorbent polyurethane foam. With our state of the art foam contour cutter, we can fit any size diameter that may be needed.   

The pole padding is secured onto the pole, post or pipe with a 2" fabric fastening flap made with touch sensitive reusable grippy strap (superior to the brand name starting with a "V") that runs the entire height of the pad to provide a perfect fit for even irregular sized poles, posts, or pipes. The pole pad is covered in a durable 14 oz vinyl cover to protect the foam from environmental wear and tear. We have a wide variety of vibrant colors to choose from. 

Pole pads are a great option for: 

*Automobile facilities, such as garages and dealerships

*Indoor and outdoor basketball hoop padding

*Low hanging pipes or posts

*Playground equipment 

*Any other interior or exterior poles, posts, or pipes.


This item is made to order and is not eligible for return

This item is estimated to ship 3 to 5  WEEKS from date of purchase

Please read carefully:  Before purchasing a pole pad make sure the size you select is correct.  To find the diameter of your post:

  1. Use a soft measuring tape and find the circumference of your pole.
  2.  Divide the circumference you find by 3.14, this will give you the diameter.
  3. If your diameter is in between two whole numbers, purchase the larger diameter as the smaller size will not fit.  

Here is an example:  You measure around your pole and find you have a circumference of 16.5” Take 16.5” and divide by 3.14, this gives you your diameter of 5.25” therefore you would need a 6” diameter pole pad.  

Our pole pads are durable enough to be used indoors and outdoors. These are ideal for basketball posts, interior gym padding, and have also been used for arenas, auto show rooms, basements, kids gyms, playgrounds, and livestock stables.

Call for Rush Order options 1-800-431-4372

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