QUICK SHIP Mini Competition Suede Balance Beam

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Vendor: AK Athletic Equipment

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The rounded sides and the padded top will feel like a professional balance beam. Our balance beams are a perfect fit with a 4’ x 6’ folding mat. Beginner gymnast won’t be afraid to use on the balance with the beams easily straddle around the folding mat to provide a safe cushion landing.

  • Rounded sides
  • Polyethylene foam
  • Suede fabric
  • Removable feet

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 This item ships from our facility in 1-2 weeks from date of purchase.

Unlike many of our competitors, each one of our balance beams is carefully made here in the U.S.A.  to provide a safe, confidence building practice experience for the home or gym.  

*Rounded sides and padded top of beam simulate feel of full size professional balance beams for a seamless transition from practice to competition

*Beams are 7” high x 94" long and have a 4” top and base

*12” wide galvanized American-made steel feet ensure stability and longevity of balance beam and come with rubber end caps

*”Green Approved” heavy duty wood core is grown with the sustainable forestry initiative

*High quality Suede fabric provides adequate grip and comfort for the beginner or advanced gymnast

*Industrial strength fastening strip covers the underside of each beam for versatility.  The feet of balance beam can be removed for direct application on carpeted gymnastics floors.

*A layer of American-made polyethylene foam provides a shock absorbent surface on the top and ends of balance beams 

 This listing does not include a folding mat.  Please see our combo listings 

We recommend the 4’ x 6’ gymnastics mats in either the advanced or intermediate levels to provide additional protection while using the Mini Competition Suede Balance Beams.  


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